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What is XPR network?

XPR network stands as a cutting-edge public blockchain and smart contract platform, tailored to serve consumer applications and facilitate peer-to-peer transactions. Its foundation is rooted in a robust identity and financial settlement framework, enabling users to seamlessly connect their real identities and fiat accounts. They can effortlessly withdraw funds, purchase cryptocurrencies, and integrate them into various applications.

At its core, XPR ensures a secure and verified identity account, harmoniously linked with a financial settlement layer. This integration allows users to establish a direct connection between their identity and fiat accounts, facilitating fund transfers and crypto acquisitions, all while safeguarding the privacy of sensitive user information.
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Node specification

ArtWebin is using an enterprise server equipped with the Intel® Core™ i7-7700, 64 GB of RAM and NVMe storage devices to guarantee the best performance and redundancy. All servers are stored in data center of Hetzner.

Ownership Disclosure

Artwebin as a block producer is self-funded by Adnan Hatic.
There are no external or 3rd party financial sources that will need to finance our project.

Server status

All systems are up and running

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